We will be enabling global smart devices producers and developers to build decentralized shopping experiences on the IOTEX network.


You have multiple ways to be reward by supporting HASHBUY. By voting for HASHBUY, a percentage of the block rewards will be shared with you proportionally to your vote weight. In addition, you can get a membership on HASHBUY and get exclusive discount on HASHBUY


Why you should vote us

HASHBUY will be the first phenomenal dApp on IOTEX network. The key to the success of IOTEX is mass adoption, attracting a large number of devices and users to join the network. By voting HASHBUY, not only did you motivate consumers to buy products that implement IOTEX technology, but also encourage hardware producers to adopt IOTEX and join the network.




IoTeX is a blockchain 3.0 platform for the Internet of things. The IoTeX blockchain not only allows for massive scalability, but it provides IoT device manufacturers and dApps developers with a full-featured blockchain framework, supporting instant transactions, full privacy, smart contracts, and lightweight cryptography for low power devices.


Server : primary server and backup running IoTeX software
Memory : 32 GB of RAM
Local storage : 4 TB SSD
CPU : 64-bit
Processor : 16 cores(2.4 GHz each)
Network : 500 MB/sec

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